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A Soap Affair is about creating good soap.

It begins with an extravagant 72% Olive Oil formula that makes for an extremely gentle soap. Its high Olive Oil content also means you get a bar that is ultra moisturising too, and works wonders on both the body AND the face. But just because this soap cares for your skin, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a powerful cleansing punch. It is guaranteed to clean even the toughest days off you.

This soap is handmade in the kitchen. No manufacturing process involved means no chemicals are added to stabilise mass production methods. No preservatives are used to maximise output and prolong shelf life. No extraction of the good stuff (glycerin, which moisturises the skin is usually taken out and sold separately) for better profits. And no SLS is used to replace natural bubbling agents.

Sounds like something you'd rather shower with? Time to begin A Soap Affair