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What makes A Soap Affair different from other handmade soap brands?
Firstly, it's the formula used - 72% Olive Oil and 28% Coconut Oil. Olive Oil soap is typically very white, opaque and creamy. Left unscented, it gives off a very pleasant, almost fruity smell. Secondly, it's the size of the soap, which is slightly smaller than 3x2x1 inches and about 70g each bar. Lastly, this soap is not as heavily scented as other soaps may be, so that it remains mild and suitable for the face. It is worth to note that high-content Olive Oil soap may not lather as much as other formulas, but it does not lack in cleansing power, and its conditioning properties are out of this world. 

Can I use this soap on my face?
YES. But everyone's skin type is different, so please test it out before using it regularly. There has been feedback that A Soap Affair soaps are absolutely lovely for the face - dry and oily skin alike. In fact some have said that their skin began to feel more balanced after using this soap. 

What's the best way to prolong the usage of my soap?
Make sure you keep the soap dry after every usage i.e. don't let it sit in a dish where water can pool. If you have a soap saver, that would work too. If you see a layer of gel appearing on your soap, DON'T scrub it off. That's the good glycerin that keeps your skin soft, so just continue using your soap as normal. Some customers simply use the bag the soap comes in - Wet the bag with the soap in it, scrub over your body, rinse, then hang the bag - with the soap in it - to dry. 

How should I properly store the soap I haven't started using?
Your soap comes in a breathable bag. So do keep it in as dry a place as possible, or mould may start to appear (if mould does appear, just wash it off, and you may use the soap as normal). This soap is made from all natural ingredients, after all, and comes with no preservatives.

How long can I keep my soap?
Approximately year after date of purchase. It is best to use the soap as quickly as you can. 

How do you charge for shipping?
The shipping fee you pay is inclusive of shipping rate, surcharge, packing and handling. The fees are as follows:

1 - 5 bars - RM10 (+RM5 for EM)
6 - 10 bars - RM15 (+RM5 for EM)
11 - 15 bars - RM20 (+RM5 for EM)
16 - 20 bars - RM25 (+RM5 for EM)

Once we have shipped, you will receive your tracking number in an email, which you can then use to track your parcel at http://www.poslaju.com.my/track-trace/#trackinglds (please allow some time for Pos Laju to register the number into their system)

Do you ship internationally?
YES. At check out, just select the country you want us to ship to. Your total amount, including shipping, will be displayed after you do so, in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). After that, you may proceed with payment using Credit Card or PayPal ONLY (both via PayPal platform) and foreign exchange rates according to your Credit Card issuer / PayPal will apply. 

For an indication of the approximate foreign exchange rate, you may refer to http://www.x-rates.com/ 

Once we have shipped, you will receive your tracking number in an email, which you can then use to track your parcel at http://www.pos.com.my/



"Seriously, best soap ever. I use it on my face everyday."
- Sydney Wan

"I have been using the soap since the day I received it... I can see how effective it is, especially on my face. Previously my face was very dry, but now it's much better. Even my friends can see the difference."
- Ashley Tan

"It makes me feel loved every time I have a shower."
- Samantha Lee

"To be honest, when I first saw the price tag and the size, I thought it was a bit expensive. But I had heard good reviews so I bought it... and to date, it's the best money I've spent on toiletries (and I usually buy expensive toiletries because I've had a tiresome relationship with my skin). The soap is gentle, my skin is squeaky clean after the wash... and the best part is that it is not drying - both immediately after the wash and through the day when my skin would typically dry out in the air-conditioned office. I started using THE NAKED TRUTH about 2 weeks back, particularly on my backne (acne on the back), and since then, the backne breakouts have stopped. I also started using it on my face (even though the skin on my face is very sensitive, oily and I experience new breakouts at least once a month). Since then, my colleagues who see the stress-induced-lack-of-sleep breakouts all year round have told me that my skin is brighter, clearer and not oily, even when it's past midnight and I've not slathered on any moisturiser since morning. I love THE NAKED TRUTH and my bar of soap is now like gold. Love it. Totally going to keep buying."
- Rachel Ng

"HEY BABE is such an unassuming bar... Been using it on my face as it has been out of sorts. Love it!"
- Azura Rahman

"I've tried SHE'S FRESH, EXCITING and my oh my, the stubborn two breakouts I had went away within two days! So so in love!"
- Serahphina Jolly



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